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National Victim Advocates Call On Governor Brown To Sign Important Sexual Assault Evidence Bill

sexual assault kitsWASHINGTON, Sept. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — National victim advocate groups belonging to the Rape Kit Action Project (RKAP) have joined forces with California-based advocates, including the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault, to urge Governor Brown to sign AB 1517, a bill that would provide justice for countless victims of sexual assault and safer communities to live and work. The bill (AB 1517), sponsored by State Assembly Member Nancy Skinner, establishes standards for the timely submission and analysis of sexual assault evidence kits. With Governor Brown’s signature, California will join a growing number of states taking steps to fully account for rape case evidence.

California Lawmakers Approve Bill Requiring Timely Reports of Evidence For Unanalyzed Rape Kits

sexual assault kits(Reuters) – Amid ongoing efforts to address a backlog of unanalyzed rape kits that go untested throughout the country, California lawmakers passed a bill on Friday requiring law enforcement to process the evidence within a certain time frame.
The bill next goes for a procedural approval in the state Assembly next week before heading to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk for his signature. Brown vetoed a pilot program in 2011 that would have required certain counties to process their backlogged rape kits.

Washington Supreme Court Sets Standard For Post-Conviction DNA Testing

Wash Supreme CourtWashington’s Supreme Court may have just made it easier for prison inmates to try to get their convictions overturned through DNA testing. In a 6-to-3 ruling Thursday, the high court said inmates don’t have to show they’re likely innocent in order to win a post-conviction DNA test.

Victims advocate renews push for DNA law in Minn

Jayann SepichJayann Sepich spent part of her day at the Minneapolis Public Library telling the story of daughter Katie, who was a 22-year-old college student in 2003 when she was abducted, raped and murdered.
“It’s heart wrenching every time I tell the story, but I know that other mothers won’t be burying their daughters if we can get this passed, and that matters to me,” Sepich told KARE.

Bill aims to strengthen forensic training in sexual assault cases

CA domeCalifornia- The Defense Department must improve its procedures for investigating sexual assaults by standardizing training requirements for medical experts who examine victims and analyze rape kits, a bipartisan group of lawmakers say.

Vermont court: No DNA collection until conviction

helix.jpgMONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — The Vermont Supreme Court says the state can’t collect DNA from suspects in criminal cases unless they’ve been convicted of a felony.

Rhode Island May Use DNA to Track Students; Federal Bill Passes House

footA bill to reauthorize federal funding for newborn DNA collection passed the U.S. House of Representatives by voice vote—meaning without a vote record—on June 26.

Governor Chafee signs variety of bills into R.I. law

DNA_TestingAmong the measures signed by Chafee:
A law that would require a DNA sample to be collected from anyone arrested for a violent crime, including murder, manslaughter, first-degree arson, robbery, first-degree and second-degree sexual assault and other charges. The samples would be submitted into a federal database. Currently, the police collect DNA samples only from people convicted of felonies.

Brianna’s Law, or DNA testing for felony arrests, begins in Nevada

dna analysis labBrianna’s Law, Nevada’s DNA testing law, went into effect Tuesday after it won a hard-fought and emotional battle during the 2013 Legislature.

Iowa to expand DNA collection from criminals

Sample CollectorCEDAR RAPIDS | Police and civil libertarians are at odds over a new Iowa rule that lets law enforcement officials collect DNA samples from people who commit aggravated misdemeanors. It takes effect July 1.

Gov. Rick Snyder to sign bill to speed rape kit testing

Gov SnyderLANSING — Gov. Rick Snyder plans to tour a Michigan State Police forensic lab in Lansing today and sign legislation intended to speed the testing of rape kits in Michigan.
House Bill 5445, which Snyder is to sign at the Michigan State Police Forensic Science Lab, creates the Sexual Assault Kit Evidence Submission Act.

N.J. Senate committee OKs bill allowing DNA collection in minor crime convictions

DNA HelixPolice would be able to collect DNA from people convicted of minor crimes, a move that would greatly expanding the number of those required to provide samples, if a bill approved Thursday becomes law.

Rape kit controversy: I-Team update

DNA Backlog1MODESTO, Calf. (KGO) — It might seem like common sense to test DNA evidence from sexual assaults to help catch more criminals, but a bill that would make that mandatory is getting some fierce opposition from the State Sheriff’s Association.

Bill aimed at reducing backlog in processing rape kits passes Ohio Senate

silver HelixYOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Before the Ohio state legislature broke for summer break it passed Senate Bill 316.
The bill authored by State Senator Capri Cafaro is aimed at reducing the backlog in processing sexual assault rape kits from local law enforcement agencies.

Emerging Forensic Genomic Applications – Genome ID Forum 2014

Genome ID Forum`.pgThe application of new technology to forensic human identification represents a unique problem set with respect to implementation and court acceptance. Genome ID Forum is a scientific venue where advances in the sciences can be evaluated through the practical casework lens.
Genome ID Forum brings together thought leaders from the forensic science research and practitioner community for an open dialogue regarding emerging science and technology applications.
When and Where: September 9-10, 2014 Hilton Greenville, NC
Speakers: B. Budowle, J. Ballantyne, K. Kidd, J. Butler, J. Byrd, S. Close, R. Harmon, T. Hunt. T. McMahon and P. Vallone
Find out more and register here.