Rapid Processing of Casework and Reference DNA Samples Using Standard Protocols

profilesindna_frThe need to reduce processing time for forensic DNA samples has grown in the last few years. Laboratories must increase efficiencies to minimise backlogs and reduce costs. A number of rapid DNA solutions were recently brought to market, mostly for point-of-sampling DNA analysis, and are designed primarily for processing reference samples (1) (2) . While these solutions may yet be proven as viable and valuable options for point-of-sampling applications, the relatively high instrumentation and per-sample costs are prohibitive for established forensic DNA laboratories, which have invested heavily in other laboratory technologies and staff training.

Stefan Kutranov, Andrew Hopwood, Patrick Kelly, Hilton McWeeney and Dyan Daly Promega UK, Forensic Science Ireland, Garda Headquarters, Eire Publication Date: 2015

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