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Backlog Eliminated DNA Unit Now Operating in Real Time

BATON ROUGE – Today, Governor Bobby Jindal announced that the Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory has now eliminated the crime lab’s long-held DNA case backlog and the DNA unit is now operating in real-time to assist law enforcement agencies across the state in tracking down criminals.

UNT Forensics Labs Help Investigations Nationwide

The University of North Texas is home to a forensics lab that plays a large role in investigations across the nation.

Branford Police Commission Approves LODIS

Using funds seized from criminals and crime scenes, the PD has voted to approve funding an annual fee of as much as $66,000 for a off-site local DNA processing service.

Police advancing plans for a local forensics lab

The Nassau Guardian
The first of drawings for a forensic and DNA lab in the Bahamas will be completed by November 25 according to Deputy Commissioner of Police Quinn McCartney, a forensics expert.

Police Union Opposes Unrestricted DNA Files on Officers

The St. Louis Police Officer’s Association has filed a formal grievance with the department, and is seeking a temporary restraining order to stop the collection of officer’s DNA samples through saliva swabs.

New Bill Would Let Feds Search for Familial DNA in National Database to Solve Cold Cases

These days, thanks to science and technology, your family tree isn’t just something you can trace by a paper trail, DNA provides significant links among us. Now, a new bill proposed by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), would allow feds to conduct familial searches in DNA databases to solve cold cases.

St. Louis police riled over collection of their DNA

St Louis Today
ST. LOUIS • St. Louis police officers routinely swab the mouths of suspects for DNA samples, but what happens when the swab stick is turned on them?

House nod for DNA testing

Trinidad and Tobago
By 28 votes-to-nine, a split Lower House last Wednesday passed a bill to update the old DNA Act and in so doing to now allow for DNA samples to be taken without the consent of a suspect.

New ‘cold case’ unit chooses five priority murders

BBC News Scotland
A “cold case” unit set up to tackle Scotland’s unsolved murders has chosen five “priority” cases to investigate.

Flashy $330,000 DNA Bus Bought by County

Designed by the company that built Dr. Oz’s jumbo bus, the vehicle will collect DNA samples and serve as a mobile command post for law enforcement. It comes loaded with flat-screen TVs, computers and an Aqua-Magic toilet.

DNA Databank to Identify Missing Migrants

IPS Mexico City
The Committee of Relatives of Dead and Missing Migrants of El Salvador (COFAMIDE) set up a databank for disappeared migrants, with the support of the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (EAAF) and the Salvadoran government.

Limited resources lead to rape kit backlog

ABC News10
SACRAMENTO, CA – The numbers are staggering.
It’s estimated that 180,000 rape kits sit in police and crime lab storage facilities across the country awaiting DNA analysis.

Using DNA to combat trafficking of children

KUALA LUMPUR: With the number of children trafficking on the rise, the Program for Kids Identification (DNA-Prokids) has come up with worldwide DNA registries for parents and their missing children.

Arrest Made in Murder Case a Decade Later

A man plead guilty Monday to second degree murder 11 years after his victim was found dead.

Statewide increase in cases delay crime lab results

…The state patrol’s statewide network of labs is overwhelmed with a crush of DNA evidence needed to solve violent crimes, spokesman George Johnston said…